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". . . Fine Pennsylvania Shooting Dogs"?

All Side X Side Setters are Field Dog Stud Book registered, cover dogs of field type lines. Opinions regarding good grouse dogs vary (and that is greatly understated!).  It's my opinion that to have the "total package" a good grouse dog has the following: brains, a good nose, boldness, flash, desire, style, drive, a 12 o'clock tail and some heat tolerance. This is where good and thorough litter homework pays off. No dogs are perfect, repeat breedings in the cover dog field trial game tend to be a good place to find one. Look for kennels and folks that campaign their dogs in wild bird trials regularly and you should have little to worry about. This type of setter bred for grouse cover will eat up a lot of ground, and with experience- hits many objectives while locating and pining birds out in front of the gun. This combination of extended range and ground effort provides more shooting opportunities, is more exciting to watch work, and is better suited for the current grouse populations and hunting pressure than dogs that walk a bird to point.




Lycoming Lightning


FDSB - #1621124





Little Sure Shot


FDSB - #1629232





Side by Side Blaze


FDSB - #1629505





FDSB - #1648769







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