Where to go from here?

An important lesson is nearing(?) fruition on a personal level for me in dog training. Don’t get overloaded with dogs while trying to get the one you’re looking for. That gem was offered up to me some time ago while looking for my perfect grouse dog. Overloaded, not overloaded? I think that’s a thin line and I think I know that because of my proximity to it. For a guy with a regular 8-5 and four kids at home… I’m maxed out at four dogs. I’ve got one broke dog that needs some stop to flush work and I’m sure he’ll need a reminder or two in the coming months on wild bird training. Another that’s ready to be broke and another a little further behind that one that’s actually at a pro trainer right now hopefully getting caught up in order to have them both at the same stage. And then there’s the pup, who I really like a lot.

The ‘whoa tree’ is about to be harnessed up again, e-collars placed on fury bellies, and this year’s serious yard work begins. Stay tuned.

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