Pup Countdown Begins…

IMG_0020I believe Annie will whelp in the next several days. Annie has never passed up a meal, she did so last night and ignored it again this morning when she was put back in the kennel for the day. Her expected date is Wednesday (9th), but I’m beginning to wonder if it might not be this evening or tomorrow- passing up a meal was one thing but her temperature was 100.6ºf last night and 101ºf this morning. Normally temperature drops to 99ºf 24 hours before labor and rises back up to 101ºf+ 12 hours or so before. I’m wondering if I caught the tail end of the warm-up last night and if she’s in that 12 hour pre-whelp, normal temperature window? . . At any rate, I think its safe to say there’ll be a headcount here by week’s end.

The new outdoor puppy pen went through a test run this past week. We had a visitor for the week in 14-week old Sam. (Full Blast X Moss Meadow Rose). He didn’t seem to have any complaints. It now sits empty again until anticipated pups begin the weaning process down the road. I expect one or two of them will be calling it “home” even after 8-weeks.

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