New Addition… and litter update.

I think we’ve reached the high-water mark here at home for the year. Our newest little “puppy socializer” was born May 30th at albs & 15oz. The quail coup has been restocked,  and a new chukar pen is being drawn out. I’ve got just one homing pigeon who’s been aptly name “Scrappy”.  I’ve got a raised puppy kennel that’s mid-build. Over the last two weeks, dogs have been sitting idle- soon to be remedied.


Under Construction.

The expected litter page has been updated with Joe’s (sire) accomplishments, pups should be on the ground in a month. A “list” has been started for those interested in a pup, it’s hard to give any hard answers on price or availability until they’re actually whelped. If everything goes smoothly with delivery, I’m confident all pup owners will feel that they got much more than their money’s worth.

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