Murphy’s Law (again!)

pop-goingI had Pop out yesterday. I loaded up Blaze, Annie and him to head out to an area I run dogs at occasionally. Annie and Blaze were run first, and separately. Pop was out of his box last and placed him on the tailgate like the other two. I got a bell and e-collar on him but before putting him down saw he was on three legs. Sigh. I snapped a lead on him and set him down to see what was going on. He was heavily favoring his rear right leg. Knowing these dogs have a higher pain tolerance and their 1-10 scale is basically 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 7, 8, 9, 10: I picked him up and put him away to stew over our predicament. We were slated to run in the 67th Grand National Grouse Futurity Puppy Classic . . . and had by 1pm Monday (today) to scratch before the draw. I just sent word we’d be out (via email- I mean just sent it, if it was a handwritten the ink would still be wet.) as after a few doses on Rimadyl, he’s improved a little but I know he won’t be 100% and Rimadyl only addresses the symptoms… not the problem. He’s going to be limited to his run for at least a week.

The very best case scenario has us in two more trials he can run in this spring. Neither hold the prestige of the Puppy Classic but I guess at this point even just running in these other two is what we’re hoping for. Tipper had a similar issue two years ago but he never favored his leg as much as Pop was. (Thankfully our vet is very practical (it took us a while to find one of those), and won’t take us to the cleaners with radiographs and soft tissue imagery right out of the gate as nothing is broken on swollen. Having multiple dogs and being a frequent flier, we probably won’t even have to darken his office door. Rest and Rimadyl for the week and a reevaluation the next.)

Ideally an open shooting dog stake will turn up for the older dogs as well. This is precisely why I say it’s better to have more than one dog. You just never know what’s in store for you that will shut a dog down (for months?) but that’s just the way the game is played and happens to all if you’re in it long enough.

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