instagram-logoWe are now on Instagram, we go by (the username) Grousedogs there. Most of our hashtags are #grousedogs #grousehunting #coverdogs #woodcockhunting #grousepuppies .

What the heck is Instagram? Essentially, it’s a simple photo sharing (social media)  website. You have a username and post photos (all squared) and tag them with hashtags like those mentioned above to make them easier to find when searching for various photo subject matter. Frankly, something called InstaHAM would have me more fired up and excited to hear more about but Instagram should serve this site well.

If you’re not on Instagram, another way this affects the site is on the Photo page. We’ve revamped the old, un-clickable icons to a Instagram gallery that can be added to and updated easily and while out on the road. It’s still being updated with photos, and will include many that just don’t make the blog or our Facebook or Twitter pages. Opening photos within in the gallery will get streamlined before to long, right now they open in a sub-site of Instagram and include a goofy ad. But thanks to the site sponsors there’s a means to get rid of these ads.

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