Getting Back Into Training Mode

keep-calmFor us, hunting season has been over for nearly a month. The dogs have had a considerable amount of time off and it’s time to start putting some work in again. Unfortunately there’s a hard crusting of snow right now, the kind the dogs don’t break through. Now I’m not one to shy away from doing work in the snow but this is the sort of condition that cancel trials, cut pads, and can create slips and slides that can tear soft tissue. Ultimately what we’re left with right now is our thoughts, our appetites (meals being the highlight of our day currently) and a little bit of yard training. There’s a real possibility of heading “south” for a quail hunt, a 28ga. double just made it’s way to our house to be shortened down for the womenfolk here but I think I may need to put it through it’s paces first. 7.5 shot RST Shells will be in order. Getting a few younger dogs on a day of quail is something that would be a perfect warmup for the woodcock that will be returning in a month or so (watch for robins, they eat worms too) as well as the trial season.

Popinjay has had his Grand National Grouse Futurity paperwork sent in to keep him eligible to run in the 70th Grand National Puppy Classic in New Oxford, NY (this year). We’ll see what the spring has in store for Pop, he’ll be getting the bulk of the woodcock work this spring and Blaze and Annie will round out the rest.

Thinking about trialing your dog?

Trial Dog Age Chart.eps

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