Gearing Back Up for the Season….

As with most others, my pre-season planning has included the addition of a few new gear items. My Tri-Tronics Sport Basic unit has been a great unit but it was time to upgrade, and when Garmin announced their new Tri-Tronics Sport PRO e-collar unit, I knew I’d end up with one eventually. For those that do not use (remote controlled) beepers, this unit it the ultimate bird dog e-collar. 3/4-mile range, momentary/continuous stimulation (10-levels), tone, vibrate, collar beacon lights, and a no-bark setting. AND NO LCD! Beeper aside, what else more would you need? I ordered a Sport PRO and two additional collars which, two collars even for the one pointing, is a nice system to have giving you the q5-rimfire-upland-bird-vest-orange-tan-side-510x600ability to run a bending (neck) and breaking (belly) collar on a dog at the same time. Bending a dog means getting it to handle (keep it forward, off the road, etc.) , giving it a static “poke” or gentle “prod’. Breaking is that static tickle on the belly to deter a dog from chasing and/or keeping it staunch on birds.

Something else I’m excited to get is my new Q5 Rimfire vest. I’ve been looking for a vest like this for some time, I’ve long used Filson’s Strap vest which can get pretty hot in October. The Rimfire looked perfect and I’ll touch on it a little further after I get it in and put it through it’s paces.

Finally, it was time, the grouse wagon (a nicer way to tout a 17 year-old mildly beaten up pickup, used almost strictly for hauling dogs around) will head down the road to it’s next owner and for the first time in my life, I’ll become a Ford owner. The first order of business- getting the dog topper mounted followed by some tires more adept at traversing old, unkempt logging roads at a later time.

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