Gaining Each Day

_DSC0025The new pups have been growing each day, the biggest pup right now is 30 ounces, the smallest 24 ounces (the lone female). They’re all paddling around pretty good, distancing themselves off the heat a little further each day. Annie’s great, pups are being kept supper clean as is the box. Her momma must’ve been the same way. I’m still fielding inquiries for males, there’s two picks left. Ultimately these guys are going to be “camp buddies” this coming season but from what I’ve seen of Joe’s other pups, they’d offer some legitimate training opportunity on migrating spring woodcock. There’s not at all a doubt in my mind that these pups will any trouble pointing grouse in October of 2015 if taken through the normal training paces. We’re hoping there’s a few that may have that little extra touch of class and poker straight style that may put them in trial ribbons beyond all the tailgate notoriety that a good hunting dog gets. There’s the trial talk, but I’m a foremost a grouse hunter, if this wasn’t a breeding that I (and others) thought would put some great wild bird dogs on the ground, it wouldn’t have happened. I haven’t really felt the need to sales-talk this litter or rather the parents, instead… just get the breeding out there as very little homework need be done to gauge the  potential. The future is bright.

With all the litter work, I finally got a chance to address the older dogs again past food, water and a scratch. All were shaved down close and nails clipped. Pop got the first of the baths, and went into the office with me while Blaze got a crack at the first training quail this summer. It flew lousy, and was awful tempting… he took a couple steps, a very light stim was all to end that. We’ll continue to build off it for sure.

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