First “Spring” Run

_DSC0501We’ve heard that a few are a finding returning woodcock, we went out this past weekend and found none. I would venture to guess that in you have access to land in the southern end of the state that slopes gradually to the south (no snow) or lots of seeps and no snow, there’s probably some birds to find there. We took an hour and half trip south and hit snow, didn’t even get out to run a dog as it was 4-6″ deep and relatively solid. We spent most of the day riding around trying to find a decent chuck of state ground that didn’t have much snow. We never did.


_DSC0482After heading about an hour back up north we stopped and I pulled Pop. Just to get him out and running again. The snow was still deep, but it was pliable here. It looked like pheasant “country”. Due to the heavy snow, there wasn’t much in the way of overgrown grass fields but it had a fair amount of multiflora rose and other invasives that due in a pinch for them. Pop was down for about a half hour and with the hard going through the snow it may’ve just been more like a 45 minute to 1 hour equivalent. There were some tweeties that gave him pause once or twice and a wild hen did as well. We he stopped she ran out of the patch of cover they were in and took off down a narrow clearing.


Fuzzy, out of focus, hen that gave Pop the slip.

We’re all sick of the frozen tundra at this point. It’s supposed to be 52 and 56 today and tomorrow. Hopefully it’ll all be gone by Wednesday. Cue rubber boots for the muddy mess that’s sure to ensue.

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