Bringing in the New Year…

I’m thankful for the new year and the prompting it provides in thinking out the new year as it pertains to all things dogs- where each one is at, where they need to get to and how I’m going to get them there. Around July or so last year I took a new job and the normal work week is about 54 hours. The dogs still have been getting time in and you’ll notice when scrolling down that it’s effected the amount of resulting words here. I’ve been updating Instagram and that’s about it. (Don’t knock Instagram, there’s a ton of non-selfie-posting bird dog guys on it and I prefer it over Twitter and at times, Facebook.)

I look for the posting schedule here to change, for the better. Making a day of it tomorrow (minus 1 with an eye injury) and get these new pups rolling along here.


Just a few for now…

grouse dog with a grouse

grouse hunters

English Setter Grouse Dog Puppies



Grouse Dog Derby Winner


Grouse Dog with a Pheasant


Little Sure Shot Annie, Grouse Dog on Point



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