Annie Progressing

The whoa post is never pretty…

I’ve spent the last few days working Annie on a whoa post. I took it about as far as one person could handle a dog on 35 feet of line. I shook nearby branches, used another post in front of her to loop the rope around and get behind her, step over her and throws some leaves down at her sides and on her back. I was getting bored with it and I wasn’t the one with the half hitch around my waist. I decided to remove the half hitch and all cord and place and ecollar around her waist and let her run.

I let her run around a bit. She knew we were still at work but could tell she wasn’t sure what she was supposed to be doing. She checked the bird field in the yard and turned to follow me back out into the yard, her cue to do so being my whistle. She short-looped once and was going to do so again further when the whoa command was given and continuous stimulation was applied until she stopped. She turned, nipped and then stopped everything all together as quick as it started. She remembered that standing still stopped the stimulation, which it did. Pretty much cold until either a bee buzzed her or the tail of the ecollar strap was moving in the corner of her eye. Another “whoa” and quick stim from the ecollar froze her again. I walked up and released her. We will have a few more sessions before we start to introduce birds which will also change up when stimulation is applied… if needed.

Stay tuned.

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