A New Addition to the Roster

Well, I’ve been waiting for a while, since late December on this pup. Late last year I’d decided I’d breed Annie if she came in between November and late January, she did not. My plan-B was to find a pup from a breeding I liked, preferably female. My preferred setter blood of choice? Ghost Train. Why? Fast, flashy, athletic dogs. I found a breeding with a lot of Body Guard, Wire, Whoopi and a few other progeny just a few generations from Ghost Train. This was the one, with me Jonesing for a female. Of course the pups ended up all males.

I waited, sent my deposit and waited some more. Had some photos emailed to me, more waiting. More photos, more waiting and then a visit. I put all the pups on the ground and watched. Two particularly caught my eye, a slightly smaller-than-the-rest orange and white, and a chestnut tri. The little orange and white seemed the boldest, yet the chestnut headed off on his own several times in the half-hour romp. He was also the first one to find the nearby bird pens. The stud owner ended up picking the little orange and white and I showed up the next day for the chestnut-tri.

Riding home.

My real focus the first few weeks is just getting anyone and everyone’s hands on him. I do not keep dogs inside but due to 8″ of snow and a cold blustery March, this guy has been contained in the kitchen and enclosed porch. As a result however, “Pop” has been handled probably more than any other dog of mine. The only one of us he seems to be giving a run for their money is our two year old. Its pretty clear her small stature emboldens him to take a few more playful liberties, yet those needly little milk teeth haven’t connected beyond size 2T pant legs.

The older dogs are fine with him, neither male has cocked a leg on him and they’ve had plenty of chances. He was quite the pistol while receiving his 5-way vaccination, he did not like getting stuck or injected, regardless of the plunger’s speed but such is life. I’ll be curious to see where he’s at come fall. Tipper, bred similarly whelped in the month of April was pointing pheasant in late October the same year. Pop will have nearly a 3-month jump on his first season. Stay tuned.

Meeting the boys.




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