A long hiatus…

Back when blogging was the next big thing and I was getting this one going, I’d promised myself I’d keep it updated and not allow big gaps of dead air or just forget about it in general… which I’ve essentially accomplished over the last two years. Oops.

I will say one thing, back when the site began, I had a regular boring 8-5… it paid the bills and was completely unrelated to dogs, birds and double guns.] Over the last two years I jumped into the outdoor industry- particularly in the realm of bird dogs and bird hunting. As such, my writing and web effort was focused there and not here.

I suppose the first order of business is updating the details of this website, I run in a lot more field trials than what is presently alluded to. It’s something I enjoy- while grouse hunting provides solitude, field trials surely bring like-minded folks together. Pop had been up with Scott and Marc Forman at Shady Hills Kennel for the entire summer and fall. When you put a dog with those two, you know the dog will get a lot of work and individual attention. I don’t think any other pros out there put the time and effort collectively into their clients dogs as these two do day in and out.

Blaze on the other hand had remained here and has split his day routine to either roading/conditioning or runs on wild or liberated birds whether they were woodcock (pre-nesting eariler in the spring) or on PGC released pheasant on SGL. Annie and Tipper have been getting in some time as well. I would like to retire Tipper from here, he’s not even close to retirement age but I’d like to get him placed somewhere where he will remain in place, mostly inside living and in the woods, hunting. “Retirement” for him ideally means a cushy life with more individual hunting in during seasons, still essentially in the prime of his career.

Why? Well, for me this will free some time and space up for more trial prospects and I’m already on the lookout this spring for another couple prospects. Setter litters appear to be thin this spring. Adding more will get us further away from the original blog name, the original spin on the Side X Side Setters name was having two setters, but that’s okay with me. Some pups will keep the boys busy.

I can’t really recap all the hunting and dog activity that’s transpired over this long gap. I will say I’ve been to MN, WI, MI, NY, WV, VA, TN, NC and GA running dogs or seeking birds.

Below is a photo dump of some highlights during this hiatus…






Annie – Woodcock


Carrying a load of elk parts 2 miles uphill to the crest. (Oct. 2016)


Dolly Sods, WV Vista


Blaze, just thrilled he actually got woods time on this trip.


Tipper with a 1/2017 bird.


The grouse wagon was upgraded.


Pop with a bird 1/2016.




Annie, spring 2016 woodcock training.


Blaze roading, spring 2016.


The boys on a spring 2016 brook trout trip.


Brook trout trip, lunch of the tailgate.


Caught quite a few, released all.


Got the first placement on this dog as a puppy, and another one in an amatuer derby stake for a friend that couldn’t make it there.



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