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Side by Side Blaze "Blaze" FDSB - #1629505

Blaze was whelped in mid-May 2011 and wasn't a planned addition to the crew. He came up for sale at 7-months of age due to a job change by his owner.  Being that he was pick of the litter and considering his pedigree I put a trade offer out that drew interest and a deal was struck shortly after.  Blaze is a tri-color male by Long Gone Boston and Holden's Briar Patch (a Pennstar female).  Blaze is a fast working, very athletic dog with the crackiest tail and snappiest gait which has helped him secure several shooting dog placements along with looking great on his birds. His pedigree can be found online here.


Blaze has sired a litter which additional details can be found on the Journal page on this site.

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