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Side X Side Setters is not a puppy mill, commercial kennel, or backyard breeder. The Side X Side Setters website is a representation of the briar drawn blood, ridge ascending sweat, and Witch Hazel- nose-slapped tears of a grouse hunter and my passion for field line, English Setter cover dogs (and pointers too, to a very small degree) out of championship winning wild bird dogs. What draws me to this type of setter is that most all breedings are planned with the intention of producing the next Grand National Grouse Champ, these are the best of the best when it comes to what it takes to find and handling wild birds. These breedings result in at the very least, a bunch top notch gun dogs. You can read my thoughts here on what I think a fine shooting dog is.

I'm a grouse hunter first and always will be, sometimes that's with a shotgun - a lot of times it's with a blank pistol. The field trial content on this site is and will remain less prevalent nut I expect will grow over time, a lot content will be centered on my hunting and training experiences. I do run dogs in trials and enjoy it. It pits what you're doing (in dogs) with what else is out there. As you may know or may come to find out, there's plenty of "great", "awesome", (any positive adjective really) dogs out there... just ask their owners. But these usually aren't dogs you'll find being heeled to line a breakaway in a field trial. Field trials help prove or refute those "great" dog claims. In my humble opinion they also provide some clarity and should be a requirement of those who breed dogs with any sort of frequency and by those who are looking for quality dog. If someone claims to have been in the field trial game at one time and "had enough", "got cheated", etc... you can probably bet that their "great" dog, wasn't so great after all measured against its peers... and they're harboring some sourgrapes. Publicly shown dogs, that is those competed on wild birds with the best of their peers, advances the breed.

To sum things up I'd have to say that Side X Side Setters is the cumulation of a grown boy fulfilling his dream of owning bird dogs and sometimes he writes about it. Welcome and enjoy!


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